Announcements Before Accessing Your Training

08/17/2021 - After making this announcement for weeks in the Telegram group and in this training area, The free affiliate websites have been turned off and upgrading to the new chat robot website with the customized commercial will be required to continue to earn with us. If you already have the new chat robot website, then you can disregard this message. But DTO cannot continue to offer free affiliate sites and not earn any revenue to fuel this program because DTO does not earn anything from your signups as you're getting 100% of your commissions. And DTO does not earn anything when people take their vacations or use any incentives. After 2 years of providing free affiliate websites, we will not continue to offer those. To get your new chat robot websites, watch Video B in the training area.

08/21/2021 - DTO now has a new partnership that allows us to advertise our business on digital billboards all over the U.S. for dirt cheap prices. All of the new DTO chat robot websites have been updated to talk about these attractive services. You can also use the digital billboard services for yourself by accessing the training area and scrolling down to the very bottom of the training site. You will see a blue banner to press to access that service.

08/25/2021 - We now have a new flight portal where we can book our flights. We can now fly all over the U.S. at discounted prices. We are no longer restricted to a small number of states. Watch Video C and press the button below that video. Our discount savings club will now show the "flights" tab when you log in.

08/28/2021- Make sure to show proof of payment and announce the name of your sponsor as soon as you enter our training and support Telegram group. We must verify that everyone in the group are paid members. Anyone entering the group must do this within 5 minutes of entering. If not, they will be removed from the group without question.

08/29/2021 - To get your affiliate websites to advertise and earn with us, watch Video B after pressing the button below.