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Access the support you need. If the DTO prerecorded training videos and asking questions in our Telegram group is just not enough to help you in your business, you can receive help from me directly and live!

Coaching Sessions

Each live video coaching session is 1 hour and 15 minutes. You will be able to look over my shoulder "live" and see everything I do daily to advertise my businesses. Any questions that you have about DTO or the DTO training can be asked during this time. After the live video coaching session, you will also receive a recorded version of the session that you can play back at any time in the future.

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After you register on the next page, you will be sent an email asking for your time of availability. Once you confirm your times of availability, you will be sent a private zoom link with the date and time to attend the private live video coaching session.

"Inside every entrepreneur is the power to win"

-Stephen Thomas (CEO/Founder)

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