New DTO Website With A Chat Robot, Moving Graphics, Customized Commercials, Instant Email Lead Notifications And More

How To Order Your Website + See Examples Of The Customized Website Commercials

Step 1. Make One Time Payment Below

$80 One-Time


Step 2. Complete The Website Request Form Below

New Update (01/18/2022): Have Up To 7 Different Payment Options On Your DTO Website

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Important Note: Scroll back to the top of this page and make the $80 one-time payment. Then complete the website request form. All affiliate websites come with 2 customized commercials that brand each affiliate directly: the DTO product commercial and the DTO compensation plan video. Daily Takeover does not create generic company videos because personal branding is crucial in online business. Each website also comes with a customized DTO chat robot that closes sales on autopilot along with moving graphics, eye popping designs, instant email lead notifications and many other amazing features to boost your affiliate sales. I have never witnessed any other program offer all of these things to their affiliates on their websites to help them stand out online. The entire website brands you! This is an important key to your online success. DTO believes in the power of personal branding and customization for all affiliates. Watch both videos at the top of this page for a full demonstration.